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Damien is not available for stud anymore. This website will not be further updated.

Thank you for your interest.


With warmest regards

Damien's pack, November 2018, Herxheim Germany



Puppy boy with show potential looking for a showing home <3


Mister Mexx von Burg Wildenstein, Austria

d.o.b. 07. Feb. 2018

sire: Damien Baron von Burg Wildenstein 

dam: Hell Angel von Burg Wildenstein


A very laid-back, confident and promising little fella has not been promised to any candidates yet since breeder wants him to be shown. If interested or more info is needed click here



Confirmed title "International Beauty Champion"


We received wonderful news from FCI per mail today. We will now send all confirmed titles to PSK to be added to his pedigree. Can't wait to see how the certificate looks like!


Mating with Daly will not take place

Due to the bad weather situation the breeder decided not to take the risky journey over the Alps. Safety first! 


Damien & Angel become Mom & Dad


On February, 7 the puppies of Damien & Angel arrived:

5 red males

2 b/t males

3 red females

1 b/t female


11 puppies - not too bad for a single mating. In the meantime, alle babies opened their eyes and keep developing outstandingly. The picture shows the two week old boys. 


Forest Rose litter plans published


Damien and O Abby will have a date this spring. An outstanding pairing, we are already excited the results!


The E-litter arrived at kennel vom Königsherz!


7 neat puppies were born on Christmas Eve. They came quickly without any complications. Welli dig a great jobe bringing her first to life, instinctively safe and very confidently. For all information and wonderful photos, go to this link here<click>

Christmas 2017 


As we are expecting Welli's babies to arrive any minute, we'd like to wish all our friends and their families a merry christmas!



Damien & his pack


Sudden dating with Angel


This morning, I received a call "Sonja, she is due at the point right now and I am 8 hrs away - what shall we do?" Well, you do what you do when your breeder calls you in such a situation when he wants your dog to sire his next litter: everything you can. 

So we drove towards his girl and met right in the middle between our homes. The dogs also lost no time and now the only thing we can do is to cross our fingers, that mating only once was enough. But remembering all sparkles that flew around at that special moment, there is no doubt that it will. 



Just arrived: German Champion Certificate



The next and penultimate certificate arrived and from now an, Damien is officially  

German Champion VDH


The Welmis are soon to come!


The mating with Welli a.k.a Black Velvet Aijo Set Bohemicus was not without consequence, just like expected. This was confirmed today via ultrasound.

Puppies will arrive around Christmas. If everything goes as planned, the Demi pack will experience this special moment and share it with mommy-to-be Welli.


Little Baby Girl got Puppy World Winner!


Damien's daughter, Kaiserin Sissi von Burg-Wildenstein got BOB puppy and therefore Puppy World Winner at the World Dog Show in Leipzig, Germany, today.

It was Sissi's first, huge indoor show but she did outstandingly well and even in main ring she performed very nice - having in mind that she's only eight months old this is excellent! Huge congrats to kennel Burg Wildenstein for this big success!


Demi & Welli had a Date!


Today, Welli (Black Velvet Aijo Set Bohemicus) from German kennel 'vom Königsherz' came by, ready for her first date.

As always, Demi (Damien) was a total gentleman and gave her all time she needed to get herself familiar with this situation.

We are crossing our fingers now and hope that some Welmis will be born around Christmas time. The first ultrasound is planned for in 25 days - we're sooper excited!


Next Confirmation arrived: CRO CH


And now they're coming at one fell swoop.

The next title confirmation arrived today, and Damien is officially proclaimed: 


Champion of Croatia



New Title Confirmed: Grand Champion of Serbia


Today we received the documents, that Damien earned his first Grand Title, which is:


Grand Champion of Serbia


Damien will also sire 2018's second litter


And there's more news from 'von Burg Wildenstein'. For the second litter in 2018, Damien is also planned as sire and will therefore be bred to Fire Dreams Daly Niobe.


We are very happy that Karl-Heinz Atzlinger was so enthusiastic about Damiens first litter in his home kennel, that he decided to not only use him again, but to even sire the next two litters. We can't wait to see the puppies out of those wonderful combinations. 


Damien will be Hell Angel's first groom


Damiens home kennel 'von Burg-Wildenstein' published it's litter plans for 2018 today and finally, we won't have to keep it for ourselves anymore:

Damien will sire Hell Angel's first litter!



Earned three more titles 


Like last year, Damien had a great success at the Slavonija Shows in Croatia this year too and so we can apply for the croatian champion and the international champion C.I.B.!


What's more, he also achieved EXC1 in Pacir, Serbia today and we can now also apply for the serbian grand champion.





All requirements given for the next champion title!


In Schaumburg-Schalkau, Germany we earned another EXC1 with judge Albert Probst and the last CAC we needed to apply for the German Champion VDH!!!



Also, we had to pass on the BOB to our friend Lasse 'unfortunately', but this enabled him to become BEST IN SHOW!!! We are so so so proud of him and very happy for his owners Julia and Sven as well as for his breeder Sabine König. For more infos about Lasse click here!




THOR Star of Elune, a puppy out of Damiens 2nd litter (with Ginger) was a special one right from the beginning. With a birth weight of only 140 grams he fought his way deep in all our hearts. I have been calling him our 'brave little warrior' which caused the breeder to call him 'THOR' eventually. 


We just received the news, that THOR found his forever loving home as a therapy dog for an authistic little girl.


Words cannot describe how happy we are, that we could spread Demians ability to make challenged people stronger. This was one of our main motivations: to maybe someday help someone through Damiens talent, like he helped us.

All the best to you THOR, thank you for your inspiration <3



International Dog Show in Ludwigshafen, Germany


Champion class:


Judge: Jürgen Deck-Dimen (GER)


Very proud of this result. We had 7 fantastic males there, 3 of them in champion class.



Now it's official: the next puppies will be born at kennel vom Koenigsherz in Germany. Welli Black Velvet Aijo Set Bohemicus will give birth to her first babies there.


This pairing is something really special. It will bring back the genetic code of Herr Koenig Kuzco vom Luedertal back to the kennel, he was the initial spark of. He is Damiens father and better known as Kussi.


We are very happy that we can help to close this circle with Damiens first litter in Germany.

For more info see litters/offspring




Club show in Waghäusel, Germany:


EXC1 incl. all entitlements, best male and therefore Rheinland-Pfalz-Saarland Winner 2017 and BOB


A big thank you goes out to judge Albert Probst, who decided the BOB fast and clearly despite a highly challenging competitor.



Hoooooray, the second litter arrived!

10 strong and healthy puppies out of the mating between Damien and Ginger arrived in Poland at kennel Star of Elune.

5 red males

3 black/tan males

1 red female

1 black/tan femals.


Babies and Mommy are well. See more info at offspring



We have been to the DOK eye examination today.


Damien is again free of all hereditary diseases!



First champion titel confirmed. Damien is now



Champion of Serbia



We got fantastic news from Kennel Star of Elune in Poland. Ginger is pregnant! Damien will become Daddy a second time by end of June.


We are very happy about this and we wish sweet Ginger an easy pregnancy!



#Panonia Show Winner 2017#


Open Class:


Judge: Istvan Orcsik (HUN)


The judge was very pleased by Damiens movements.


So this is our last show in Serbia for now, since for tomorrow severe weather is announced and we will therefore miss CACIB in Ruma.



We were very successful at the international dogshow in Stara Pazova, Serbia:


Open class:

Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB und BOB!

Judge was Marta Sipos from Serbia.




The mating with Ginger (see litterannouncement published on 5.4.) took place and it all happened in two different countries, passing several boarders.

Thanks to good planning and communication all worked out well and we are very happy that this logistical masterpiece wouldn't keep Andrzej from breeding Demi to his girl.


We can't wait to see the sweet little 'consequences' of this

DA-NGER combination in mid of June!



CACIB Salzburg (AT), the results:


EXC1 open class, CACA, Res. CACIB

(but fully acknowledged for CIB)

Judge: Shiapanis Savvas (CYP)


Competition was very strong today and we are more than happy about the results.



Today Andrzej und Grazyna from Kennel Star of Elune in Poland published on Facebook what we have been planning on for half a year now: the mating with wonderful Ginger  (ENO'WHATS UP).

Ginger started her heat today and now we hope everything will go well logistically, since again there are 800km between bitch and stud.



The first babies were born. For more infos, see Offspring.



We enjoyed our yearly photo shooting with Mel at Calis Pictures last week. See the results in Gallery



Enevi cannot hide the consequences of our date anymore. Three more weeks to go until my first kids arrive... can't wait.


Damien and Enevi spent a wonderful weekend in Karlsruhe. It was a perfect first rendezvouz for both of them.

It was like the two were meant to be together. We are very excited about the results of this meeting. For more info click on offspring



Double-CACIB Wels (AT), the results:
10.12.16: exc1, open class, CACA, Res. CACIB, judge: Stefan Wächter (DE)
11.12.16: exc1, open class, CACA, Res. CACIB, judge: Hans Steiner (AT)

12./13. Nov. 2016

IRAS Karlsruhe (Germany), the results:

12.11.: Exc 2 open class, Res. CAC, Judge: Christine Rossier

13.11.: Exc 1 open class, Res. CACIB, Judge: Jürgen Deck-Dimen

22. Oct. 2016

I have passed the endurance exam today!


09. Oct. 2016

I have a YouTube channel now! Enjoy :)

09./10. Sept. 2016

We had some very successful days at Slavonia Dog Shows in Croatia.

09. Sept.: Exc 1BOB, CAC 

10. Sept.: Exc 1, CACIB & Qualifikation for Crufts 2017


25. Aug. 2016

Damiens haplotypes have been tested, he is heterozygious. See details >here<


20. Aug. 2016

CACIB Leipzig results:

Damien is VDH-Winner in intermediate class V1 (exc. 1), CACA, res. CACIB


18. Aug. 2016

The DNA-Profil is now available, too.


09. Aug. 2016

We've got mail: we got the breeding certificate documents! Damien is now officially registered as stud dog for breeding!


25. Jul. 2016

We have been to the DOK eye examination today. Damien's eyes have been declared free and clear! 


24. Jul. 2016

Damien passed the breeding test with flying colors in Berlin today! We're so proud of our boy :)