Our Dog and us

... or as they say "The Demi-PACK"

... Demi (how Damien is actually called) has changed our life completely.

Since we got ourselves a dog our pockets have been full with dog stuff, all of a sudden we have a detailed view of our neighbourhood and we look fresh and healthy spending so much time outside no matter what weather we have.


We'd like to give you an idea about what character Demi has and how our everyday pack life looks like.

yaaaawn... Demi & his beloved giraffe in Demis Traumburger bed
yaaaawn... Demi & his beloved giraffe in Demis Traumburger bed

At home, Demi is a pleasant and quiet compagnon who enjoys spending time with his pack, dozing. He has not ever damaged anything, even his playtoys enjoy a long lifetime. He rarely seems to have the need to relieve tension by chewing on pigs ears or anything and we believe this is a good sign, that he is happy about his life and where he is. 

When he is not dozing, he loves to sit on our balcony and to watch the world go by.

He won't miss a thing. When the doorbell rings, he barks about two times just to make sure everyone noticed it and then he's fine. He is not the barker generally. There is neighbours who say that they haven't heard him even once.

During the week, he is at home alone about four hours every day without any problems. 

Even in the restaurant the leash is not in our hands
Even in the restaurant the leash is not in our hands

While Demi was growing we had a great time together learning a lot one from the other. He became a big city dog with a stable character, not even impressed by fireworks.

Mostly we move around in the city without a leash. We can rely on him coming back when we call him and even the rabbits in the city park are not as interesting as playing ball or frisbee games with his owner.

At the camping site or in the restaurant he is lying beside us. Towards strangers he is friendly but neutral. After a few minutes - when he sees that the stranger is ok - he approaches the person and shows that he would love to be cuddled.

When he is running free in the woods and fields he always goes as far as we can see him. 

Of course he is sceptical towards other non castrated males but as long as both are not on a leash and can move free, there are no problems. In stressful situations he may bark towards other intact males when he is on the leash, but only when his female owner. Even with strangers he is relaxen, one can observe this very well in dogshows. 

He got bitten twice on the leash and needed quite extensive veterinary care. Probably this is why he feels uncomfortable today.

A clown even while being asleep - typical pinscher
A clown even while being asleep - typical pinscher

Demi is very concentrated and vigilant, keeping a constant connection to us. One can communicate with him on a very subtle level. At the same time, he has a very high senstivity treshold. Towards humans he has never ever shown that typical quick Pinscher-snap out of nowhere or any other sign of agressivity.

Generally we can say that he is an inbetweener in many things, showing almost no extremes. He is very much resting in himself but when things happen that are unfamiliar to him, he follows them closely. 

He loves when the pack is complete and enjoys our weekends or the holidays when we spend a lot of time together.

But also, he does not suffer when he is alone a few hours. Maybe that is the reason why he does not seek for constant body contact. He likes to cuddle but he is not demanding it on a constant level.

But his company is wonderful and very funny. He is a little clown and you just can't help but falling in love with this little guy. We cannot imagine how a life without him would be anymore. 

His charakcer and the role that he has been playing in our lives are our main motivation for breeding. We can hardly wait for a Demi Jr. to move in with us in a few years...