Breeding philosophy

We want to contribute in oncoming pinscher generations to be healthy, robust, friendly dogs of strong and healthy character that can be handled through everyday life situations easily. But still they need to have that pinscher-typical rogue twinkle in their eyes that makes them so special and lovable.

Therefore we have a detailed look in every eligible female and together with their owner we discuss whether a mating with Damien is worthwhile or not.


The highest priority is on health. We have had Damiens DNA profile and haplotypes tested and are open for further examination methods that help to minimize health risks and support a healthy long-living pinscher breed.

Breeding and Health Details

Name Damien Baron von Burg-Wildenstein
Calling name  Demi (Demili, Demislav, Demislav Pinschkoffski)
Date of birth 11. Sept. 2014
Height 49 cm
Weight 20,7 kg
Color schwarz/rot
Color of eyes Braun
Teeth/Bite Full scissors bite
HD A1 (free)
Dilute DD (no carrier)
vWD NN (no carrier)
B-Locus BB (no carrier)
not clear since mid of 2018, cataracta corticalis posterior, changing appearance - to be clarified
Tests Breeding examination & test PSK, endurance exam 
Show results Excellent
Ear ridge problems During first year of age
Reactions to vaccines none
DLA Haplotypes


Haplotyp 1: DLA-DRB1*003:02 / DLA-DQA1*001:01 / DLA-DQB1*008:02

Haplotyp 2: DLA-DRB1*006:01 / DLA-DQA1*005:01:1 / DLA-DQB1*007:01

DNA-Profil available incl. certificate
Breeder Karl-Heinz Atzlinger
Pedigree  Link